Stolen Lands

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Charter from King Noleski Surtova

Explore the Greenbelt! Granted on behalf of New Stetlan and the Rostland Nobles.
24th day of Calistril, 4700
“Be it so known that the bearer of this charter has been charged by the Sworldlords of Restov, acting upon the greater good and authority vested within them by the office of the Regent of the Dragonscale Throne, has granted the right of exploration and travel within the wilderness region known as the Greenbelt. Exploration should be limited to an area no further than thirty-six miles east and west and sixty miles south of Oleg’s Trading Post. The carrier of this charter should also strive against banditry and other unlawful behavior to be encountered. The punishment for unrepentant banditry remains, as always, execution by sword or rope. So witnessed on this 24th day of Talistril, under the watchful eye of the Lordship of Restov and authority granted by Lord Noleski Surtova, current regent of the Dragonscale Throne.”

Oleg's Trading Post

(3rd of Pharast) From the Journal of Etter Fallenbridge, Cleric of Zyphus~

“’The Trading Post’ isn’t what I was expecting. There are no guards and no traders, and nothing of interest for miles around on this damn plain. I do my best to avoid Oleg and his pestering wife, but they somehow always find where I’ve sequestered myself, even if its in a hammock some a half day’s walk from the Trading Post. With a small company of soldiers the place could be adequately defensible, but all we have is Oleg, Oleg’s woman, and the captive bandit. Three wonderful reasons for leaving the Post to its own devices, which is to say “Let it Rot.” I hope to be rid of the termite infested square as soon as possible."

Radish Patch

(Recalling the events of the 4th day of Pharast)

“Journeying along on a sunny afternoon, my elvish eyes and nostrils sensed a delicious and curious sight. Three cozy baskets with lush red radishes sat in a garden patch. However, as I, and a few of my companions approached the curious baskets, we fell upon belly-up and slothful kobolds. It appeared they lay in the middle of the radishes drunken with food. We rashly but instinctively charged into the clearing, quickly slaying the creatures. Though from this encounter we harvested a hearty prize of rare & delicious moon radishes, guilt nonetheless settled into my heart as it felt quite brutal because the creatures had seemed so helpless & innocent. However, when we arrived back at the trading post, Svetlana generously rewarded our efforts with gold when we presented the moon radishes to her. Apparently her husband Oleg has been under a lot of stress lately, and she has been anxious to cook him a favorite meal of moon radish soup, which she finally was able to make for him. In the end, I am glad this slaying of innocents yielded a positive outcome of some sort for the humans.” – Tatianna’s Journal 8th Day of Pharast

Thorn River Camp

From the diary of Pandin the half-orc barbarian…

“It was late in the afternoon on the fifth day of our journey, on the 6th of Pharast, that we finally happened upon the bandit camp of which we learned from our intimidation of the prisoner at Oleg’s Trading Post. When we arrived we overheard an argument between who seemed to be the bandit leader and two of her cohorts. Quietly we sent the ranger into the trees to scout a little more before we decided upon our course of action. While I tried to contain my anger, eventually I was overcome and my beastly nature came out. The first action was that of our brave and slightly odd cleric who cast a spell while the rest of us got ready to charge. Once my rage started I remember little else, but within a few minutes the entire camp was slaughtered. It happened as a matter of bad luck that one bandit escaped from me. While I settled myself down the camp was looted, and the silly warrior got himself caught in a bear trap. I had to laugh at him for a minute before freeing him from the trap. In the end this pocket of bandits was dealt with and I am sure that this is not the last we will see of the bandits. I look forward to finding and killing the bandit leader in the metal stag helmet…But for now I tire and shall rest for the night.”

Km thorn river camp2

The summons for Pandin

this takes place around the 13th of Pharast, year of our Lord N.S.

Once word of the heroic feats of Pandin the barbarian and his companions reached Brevoy a single messenger was sent with the other piece of the locket, that Pandin was given hinting at whom his mother may actually be. This messenger also carried a summons from Pandin’s mother for him to come and join the ranks of this aristocratic family. It appeared that he had proven himself worthy of his mother’s affection. Eagerly Pandin set off to Brevoy to take his place in his noble family. Pandin felt a twinge of guilt for leaving his companions in a lurch, but was excited about finally meeting his mother. Once in Brevoy Pandin met a large curious gnome named Absolene who was remodeling his mother’s house. One night over a tankard of ale Pandin found out that Absolene needed to find adventure or die. Out of pity for the gnome Pandin talked of his companions and the vacancy that was left when he headed to heed his mother’s call. The gnome’s interest was peaked and Pandin saw this as a way to ease his guilt and still stay with his mother. Pandin let the gnome think that he had swindled the summons from the barbarian, but in reality it was Pandin that was pulling the strings. So thus ends the journey of Pandin the barbarian and his quest of reclaiming the Lost Lands.

Settling in...

(1st day of Pharast) From the Journal of Etter Fallenbridge, Cleric of Zyphus~
(written the night of the bandits at Oleg’s encounter)

“The days on the wild roads of the River Kingdoms were a nice rest from the leering eyes of the civilized lands. Could one only truly be free in the wilderness? Even on the road there was danger, but bandits attack for much nobler purposes than ethnicity or belief, albeit the fact that they are still trying to slay you and make off with your hard won gold and gear. In spite of the danger, I take the good and the bad the wilderness throws at us, Klegzeg continues to be dour about the whole affair. Perhaps his unwelcoming party in the lands of the Sword Lords is still sitting sour with him, in any case Kleg, myself and Aldrick all have grand ambitions for these “Stolen Lands.” The other fellows in our troupe laze about somewhere behind us, casually plodding around on their fine horses."

“Finally we have reached Oleg’s Trading Post. Oleg is unwelcoming and gruff, just as his wife is naive and prodding. We like to keep to ourselves, and I especially dislike the Oleg couple’s incessant prodding into my affairs. You’d think they’d be wise enough to have brought guards with them to this wild land, but alas, we are meant to fix the local bandit problem for the disastrously incompetent Olegs.”

“Aside from two small fires, one of which was thankfully doused by throwing myself into the Post’s drinking water, we have successfully separated the first wave of bandits from their bodies. Save one, the leader, who we interrogate as soon as our doddling companions arrive.”

“Finally, we are all together and might plan to explore into the dark forest of this land’s southern reaches. Tatianna will be good to have with us as we explore the wilderness, and the barbarian, well, what can I say besides that he’ll be good in a fight and not much good doing anything else but cause trouble? Off to bed, hopefully tomorrow finds us in good fortune.”

An Odd Sight to See

(15th of Pharast) From the journal of Absolene the Large:
I have finally arrived at this place called Oleg’s Gultereg my poor mount is weary as am I. It is nice to be closer to what I would call home. The weeks I spent in Brevoy were draining not only to me, but also to Logarth as he is much calmer now that we are out of that cespool they call a city. When I arrived at this Oleg’s I was taken back by the oddity of Oleg compared to his wife. One being very gruff and a little grumpy while the other is very how shall I put this….noisy. The elf seems distracted and maybe conflicted over something. The half-orc monk is stand offish and seems a little self absorbed. The human fighter is well a human fighter who has all of the ‘city charms’ that I love so much…Now the oddest of the group seemed to me to be this cleric of whom I had heard of before arriving here. He worships an odd God and acts even odder. I think I shall observe them for a day or two before making my own introductions to them…"
Two days later:
I have observed their interactions with each other for close to three days now and I am still confused over the cleric, but I cannot wait any longer to figure him out. I need to start adventuring (as a side note Logarth is much happier now that he can go out and hunt for himself at night.) I have just gone and made my introductions to this group of adventurers and got a snicker out of the half-orc and the cleric upon my introduction as “Absolene the Large”. I quickly shot them a look that should have told them to not start, but I am not sure the message was received as it was intended. If they don’t shape up perhaps I shall play a few pranks on them until they learn to look at me as an equal, but I digress. Upon introductions over a pint of ale I bought them another round and asked that they inform me of their adventures to this point and perhaps what they intend to do. One day I will find out what drives them all, but for now I have to be content with the goal of the whole rather than the goals of the parts. Tonight I hid the equipment of the cleric outside and had the grass grow to cover it…I wonder when he will figure it out. Now that my fun is done for the day I will retire to my bed and let Gultereg and Logarth out to hunt."

The Travelers have ARRIVED!

3rd day of Pharast 4700, year of our Lord, Noleski Surtova
Late in the day after the hero’s leave Oleg’s to explore the Greenbelt region for the first time, A group of 4 men arrive at the trading post. The group is led by a man who goes by the name of Kesten Garess (human fighter lvl3). The other three men are warriors under his command. After a brief and formal exchange with Oleg, he introduces himself as a noble (albeit a lesser one) from Brevoy, sent to protect the trading post, granted in response to numerous requests & pleas made by Oleg over the past couple of months.

Regardless the motive, Kesten appears to be an ambitious fellow, and it doesn’t take a Perception check to know that Kesten hopes to either make a name for himself as the defender of a remote fort, or to find honorable death among the bandits and other dangers in the region.

Moody, and at times morose, he can be found sitting at one of the market display benches, sharpening his sword, or giving mundane orders to his men. However, the four men are lawful and hard working; even within the first couple of days of their stay, improvements at Oleg’s can be seen.

Unfortunately their arrival brings two other changes: in answer to a challenge from Oleg, as to their “meddle, courage, and loyalty to the king,” Kesten orders Happs Bydon’s execution within 15 minutes of arrival at the post. One of the warriors pulls out a knife and slits Happs’ throat. The body is then strewn up like a scarecrow on a makeshift post the soldiers erect, about half a mile south of the Trading Post. A crude board sign is bolted over the beam’s top that reads, “Deth to Bandts.”

The second change is that the Post’s guesthouse is once again full.

4th day of Pharast (same day as Radish Patch encounter)

A day after Kesten Garess arrives at the trading post, another traveler comes to the area. This is a priest of Erastil named Jhod Kavken(male human cleric 4). He is a traveling cleric and hunter who claims to have heard of the exploration charter and came to Oleg’s to offer his help. He seems to be a well experienced traveler, and his stay in Brevoy was a brief one. Upon arriving at Oleg’s he is first questioned by one of the guards posted as sentry, and upon being let in, he is greeted by Oleg, who seems to be in a cheerful way. Jhod learns a lot over a hot bowl of stew, made at Stetvana’s hand, as she tells him of everything that has transpired, leaving out hardly a detail. It is from her he learns of the charter, in fact. Oleg complains a bit when the food is brought out, wishing she could make him Moonradish stew, but he stays quiet during the course of the meal, content to let his wife do the talking.

Jhod does not mind sleeping under the stars: he pays Oleg as if he were receiving lodging, although he sleeps on the ground. He makes over the next few days a soft canopy of leaves, branches, grasses, and flowers to sleep upon, which he where he does most of his praying and meditation from as well. He sets this up in one the unused watchposts on the pallisade. After the third night of his stay there, Svetlana, having compassion for him, goes to Kesten and asks him to clear away the rotted wood of the now useless catapult remains. He has his men do so right away. Two days later, ivy begins to grow from that spot over the south-western pallisade wall. Two days after that, beautiful ivory blossoms dot the ivy, and wood beams of the fort around it grow stronger and healthy, beginning to take root after a miraculous fashion.

Home Sweet Swamp and Ancient Temples

From the journal of Absolene the Large:
“For the first time in I can’t remember I found myself back in the swamp. The smells, the undergrowth, the bugs, and the creatures it was very refreshing and I was once again able to re-attune myself with Gozreth. It was almost against my nature to befriend that Boggard as they are a hated enemy of mine, but he proved very informative and beneficial for us in the end. Perhaps one day I will return and make the swamp stop swollowing his home. Maybe Glubbert will be able to able to befriend his “pet”. Upon leaving the swamp we headed to a set of ruins. There was a strange rankness to the air and water as well as the forest and swamp around the ruins. However when we saw the cave I immediately recognized it. This was the cave described to me by the cleric at Oleg’s. Tatiana let loose a few arrows into the cave known to me as containing a foul and deadly monster. One shot struck true and the creature inside bellowed in anger. Before anyone else could do much of anything out of the cave came charging a giant grizzly bear. He was easily 4 times my size (which is saying a lot because I am after all large). Aldrick happened to be the object of the bear’s desire and was almost killed before we knew what had happened. I being incredibly stout and not one to be fearful of anything became so startled at the bear that I actually caught myself on fire. But with luck that strange monk (whom I have not yet figured out) stunned the bear allowing me to regain my composure and allowing Logarth to flank and inflict even more damage. With a nicely placed curse from the cleric a nice hack from Aldrick and two well placed arrows in the neck of the bear, the bear died. Much to my shagrin he died before I could redeem myself from the whole fire incident. Then something even more interesting came about and the bear transformed into an old man, then again to a skeleton and finally to dust. I am not sure if Arastil approved of this action, but immediately the sun broke through and the foulness and rankness of the area dissappated. The cleric at Oleg’s would be interested in knowing this and perhaps it will end his nightmares and in the end I can be rewarded."


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