Stolen Lands

The Travelers have ARRIVED!

3rd day of Pharast 4700, year of our Lord, Noleski Surtova
Late in the day after the hero’s leave Oleg’s to explore the Greenbelt region for the first time, A group of 4 men arrive at the trading post. The group is led by a man who goes by the name of Kesten Garess (human fighter lvl3). The other three men are warriors under his command. After a brief and formal exchange with Oleg, he introduces himself as a noble (albeit a lesser one) from Brevoy, sent to protect the trading post, granted in response to numerous requests & pleas made by Oleg over the past couple of months.

Regardless the motive, Kesten appears to be an ambitious fellow, and it doesn’t take a Perception check to know that Kesten hopes to either make a name for himself as the defender of a remote fort, or to find honorable death among the bandits and other dangers in the region.

Moody, and at times morose, he can be found sitting at one of the market display benches, sharpening his sword, or giving mundane orders to his men. However, the four men are lawful and hard working; even within the first couple of days of their stay, improvements at Oleg’s can be seen.

Unfortunately their arrival brings two other changes: in answer to a challenge from Oleg, as to their “meddle, courage, and loyalty to the king,” Kesten orders Happs Bydon’s execution within 15 minutes of arrival at the post. One of the warriors pulls out a knife and slits Happs’ throat. The body is then strewn up like a scarecrow on a makeshift post the soldiers erect, about half a mile south of the Trading Post. A crude board sign is bolted over the beam’s top that reads, “Deth to Bandts.”

The second change is that the Post’s guesthouse is once again full.

4th day of Pharast (same day as Radish Patch encounter)

A day after Kesten Garess arrives at the trading post, another traveler comes to the area. This is a priest of Erastil named Jhod Kavken(male human cleric 4). He is a traveling cleric and hunter who claims to have heard of the exploration charter and came to Oleg’s to offer his help. He seems to be a well experienced traveler, and his stay in Brevoy was a brief one. Upon arriving at Oleg’s he is first questioned by one of the guards posted as sentry, and upon being let in, he is greeted by Oleg, who seems to be in a cheerful way. Jhod learns a lot over a hot bowl of stew, made at Stetvana’s hand, as she tells him of everything that has transpired, leaving out hardly a detail. It is from her he learns of the charter, in fact. Oleg complains a bit when the food is brought out, wishing she could make him Moonradish stew, but he stays quiet during the course of the meal, content to let his wife do the talking.

Jhod does not mind sleeping under the stars: he pays Oleg as if he were receiving lodging, although he sleeps on the ground. He makes over the next few days a soft canopy of leaves, branches, grasses, and flowers to sleep upon, which he where he does most of his praying and meditation from as well. He sets this up in one the unused watchposts on the pallisade. After the third night of his stay there, Svetlana, having compassion for him, goes to Kesten and asks him to clear away the rotted wood of the now useless catapult remains. He has his men do so right away. Two days later, ivy begins to grow from that spot over the south-western pallisade wall. Two days after that, beautiful ivory blossoms dot the ivy, and wood beams of the fort around it grow stronger and healthy, beginning to take root after a miraculous fashion.


Returning from the forest, several bodies in tow, Etter gives a deep scowl at the misspelling of the word “Death” as the company moves past ‘poor dead Happs’. He bids the rest of his companions carry on toward the trading post as he meticulously retrieves the bandit’s corpse to add to his collection in the cart. Etter could feel something twist in the pit of his stomach…someone of “ambition” had arrived at the trading post no doubt, someone Oleg has found a sympathetic ear with.

He sits on the cart for a few minutes before taking up the yolk, and then pulling the dead men and woman toward their temporary resting place.

The Travelers have ARRIVED!

This marks the 8th day of Pharast, Etter.

The Travelers have ARRIVED!

Upon arrival and observation Absolene is determined to find out more about this Jhod. Something does not sit right about this cleric, and it is more than the uneasiness that comes from naturally being around Etter. Absolene has Logarth watch and follow this Jhod and find out what he is hiding. Spending the next few days of Logarth stalking him from the shadows and Absolene looking at the new vines and ivy that have started to grow thanks in part to this new cleric perhaps some new information shall be found.

The Travelers have ARRIVED!

Absolene- you observe Jhod over the next few days, but you find it difficult to sense his motive (7+4). Also your animal companion, have you learned to train him to “spy on” a quarry? What is it’s stealth check modifier?"

“Jhod does sense however over the course of the day your fascination with him, and, come evening, he invites you to join him on the palisade. "Won’t you come up? I see you’ve noticed where I meditate from, and you seem quite interested. Perhaps we can discuss what followers of Gozrah and Erastil have in common?

The Travelers have ARRIVED!

By now the group should know they have arrived back at Oleg’s. Zac: what do you want to do with the bodies, now that they’ve arrived here? Is this their temporary resting place? PC me on this.
Did we already sell items back at Oleg’s? If so, can someone remind me of totals at least? What is being kept, reminding to record weight totals in doing so?

“The soldier at the post upon seeing the groups arrival, called down to Kessen for confirmation that this is the group that ventured out a week before. Kessen calls another to summon Oleg from his home. Oleg approaches the gate, and seeing the party confirms for Kessen to let them through. He helps remove the crossbeam, and help the adventurers unload their gear in the market yard.

Kessen introduces himself first by name, confirming that he has been sent by the Lords of Restov to help Oleg protect his trading post. He goes around getting names, and then introduces his men.

Jhod watches from the palisade but greats the group once Kessen finishes his introductions. Jhod is warmer in his greeting, a seeming kind and gentle fellow, bushy eyebrowed and white haired. His gaze is direct and his air not so much sanctimonious as it appears sincere."

Aside from Absolene(he is occupied in the previous post), what does the party want to do?

The Travelers have ARRIVED!

Thanks I forgot to include in Lorgarth’s character sheet his bonus trick. So yes he is trained in spy on quarry. It requires no handle handle check and no time to train him in these skills as per the druid section of the core rules book. Also Logarth’s stealth modifier is +7.
As for Jhod’s invitation with trepidation I accept and I go with him to his meditation spot. I keep Logarth in the shadows close by should this turn ugly.

The Travelers have ARRIVED!

Technically the trick is called seek, but from the description it sounds like one that can be used in stealth to spy of sorts.

The Travelers have ARRIVED!

[OOC: The “temporary” resting place is the grave site a few hundred feet from the trading post, where I have already buried the four bandits dispatched previously.]

Hauling the body filled cart over the hilly terrain was tough work, but work that needed to be done nonetheless. Etter finally stops at the apex of one of the hills nearby the impromptu graveyard, setting the cart’s yolk on the ground and resting on the downward turned edge. He idly counts the bodies in the back of the cart and then swigs what’s left in his water-skin. Etter waits, catching his breath, letting the strength return to his limbs. A slight breeze wisps up past him and closes his eyes. Aside from the stink of the bodies, the moment felt like the calm after a long storm.

He opened his eyes some time later, the sun having drifted some into the west. Grabbing his shovel, Etter hiked over onto the nearby hill and started to dig six more shallow graves.

The Travelers have ARRIVED!

I will respond to Bryce soon, btw, the panther passed its sneak check, and if something out of the ordinary occurs while it lurks, I will let you know at that time.

So The druid is conversing with the cleric, and Etter is burying bodies.
The rest of the group needs to speak up- this is where you get a chance to sell goods, talk to people, and make preparations to venture out into the wilderness.

Come on guys, post!

The Travelers have ARRIVED!

The churning of the iron axel, the discordance of the wheels hitting the rocks along the hilly plain, echo up to the aged wooden parapet where Kessen’s men stand guard. A stranger approaches the trading post, hauling behind him a cart full of shifting metal and soured clothing, the sharp moonlight casting long shadows over the dirt road, his wide-brimmed hat silhouetted into a great pointed shade creaking toward the gate. Kessen’s men stand silently, waiting for that dread creature to assault, only to breathe a collective sigh of relieve as the man below unceremoniously drops the yolk of the cart to the ground and calls out, “Oleg! Open the gate!” One of the men shrugs and then waves his arm around to signal the man behind the gate to open it up. Etter sits back, exhausted, onto the cart and wipes the sweat from his brow with the back of his leather glove, smearing the wetted dirt into another line across his forehead. “Gods damn that fool,” rasps from his mouth as the bar on the gate moves with a scraping away from the center and the great doors open to reveal the a man standing, legs spread wide, in the center of the path, fingers dancing across the pommel of his sheathed weapon-eyebrow raised.

“You must be the cleric.”

The Travelers have ARRIVED!

After introductions have been made between Kessen and his men and the party, Aldrick engages Kessen in discussions and demonstrations of different fighting techniques, sharing some of his own and prompting Kessen to demonstrate some of his favorite maneuvers. After a few hours of passing the time in this way, Aldrick challenges Kessen to a sparing match, in the hope of seeing some of Kessen’s maneuvers in action.

The Travelers have ARRIVED!

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