Stolen Lands

The summons for Pandin

this takes place around the 13th of Pharast, year of our Lord N.S.

Once word of the heroic feats of Pandin the barbarian and his companions reached Brevoy a single messenger was sent with the other piece of the locket, that Pandin was given hinting at whom his mother may actually be. This messenger also carried a summons from Pandin’s mother for him to come and join the ranks of this aristocratic family. It appeared that he had proven himself worthy of his mother’s affection. Eagerly Pandin set off to Brevoy to take his place in his noble family. Pandin felt a twinge of guilt for leaving his companions in a lurch, but was excited about finally meeting his mother. Once in Brevoy Pandin met a large curious gnome named Absolene who was remodeling his mother’s house. One night over a tankard of ale Pandin found out that Absolene needed to find adventure or die. Out of pity for the gnome Pandin talked of his companions and the vacancy that was left when he headed to heed his mother’s call. The gnome’s interest was peaked and Pandin saw this as a way to ease his guilt and still stay with his mother. Pandin let the gnome think that he had swindled the summons from the barbarian, but in reality it was Pandin that was pulling the strings. So thus ends the journey of Pandin the barbarian and his quest of reclaiming the Lost Lands.



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