Stolen Lands

Settling in...

(1st day of Pharast) From the Journal of Etter Fallenbridge, Cleric of Zyphus~
(written the night of the bandits at Oleg’s encounter)

“The days on the wild roads of the River Kingdoms were a nice rest from the leering eyes of the civilized lands. Could one only truly be free in the wilderness? Even on the road there was danger, but bandits attack for much nobler purposes than ethnicity or belief, albeit the fact that they are still trying to slay you and make off with your hard won gold and gear. In spite of the danger, I take the good and the bad the wilderness throws at us, Klegzeg continues to be dour about the whole affair. Perhaps his unwelcoming party in the lands of the Sword Lords is still sitting sour with him, in any case Kleg, myself and Aldrick all have grand ambitions for these “Stolen Lands.” The other fellows in our troupe laze about somewhere behind us, casually plodding around on their fine horses."

“Finally we have reached Oleg’s Trading Post. Oleg is unwelcoming and gruff, just as his wife is naive and prodding. We like to keep to ourselves, and I especially dislike the Oleg couple’s incessant prodding into my affairs. You’d think they’d be wise enough to have brought guards with them to this wild land, but alas, we are meant to fix the local bandit problem for the disastrously incompetent Olegs.”

“Aside from two small fires, one of which was thankfully doused by throwing myself into the Post’s drinking water, we have successfully separated the first wave of bandits from their bodies. Save one, the leader, who we interrogate as soon as our doddling companions arrive.”

“Finally, we are all together and might plan to explore into the dark forest of this land’s southern reaches. Tatianna will be good to have with us as we explore the wilderness, and the barbarian, well, what can I say besides that he’ll be good in a fight and not much good doing anything else but cause trouble? Off to bed, hopefully tomorrow finds us in good fortune.”



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