Stolen Lands

Mourning and Camping

It has been 7 days since I lost my dear friend and companion Logarth. Food has lost its flavor and the only thing that brings me comfort is the beauty of nature around me and the reassurances of Gozreh that I shall not be alone. I am still conflicted as to what to do…should I continue to hope for Logarth’s return or should I seek the help of Gozreh to find a suitable replacement…I think I will think on it for a few days more. As for my other companions they have since burried the tatzlewyrm corpses at the edge of the forest about a quarter mile from the shore of the lake. I am still a little in the dark as to what they want to do with those corpses, but I am not really sure that I want to know. I make daily journeys into the forest to try and make a decision about how best to confront this bandit castle that is a few miles off. I think that perhaps the best strategy would be to look for a way around the back of the hill and then over the top of the hill and down into the castle from the rear, but such is only my opinion and I don’t yet know what my companions think on the matter. It is late…I grow weary of the burdens of the day. I shall retire for the night and turn my thoughts to Gozreh for clarification.



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