Stolen Lands

Letters to Duma

Dearest Friend Duma,

I know it has been a while since I last wrote you. A lot has happened since I won the tourney that granted me a position in one of the parties headed down to the River Kingdoms. I’m excited to tell you of the things that have befallen me, but first I need to tell you of my companions.

First there is Etter Fallenbridge. He is a cleric of Zyphus, but dont hold that against him. He has not once tried to preach to me of his god nor has he made the mistake of trying to chastise me for some decision that his god doesn’t approve of. He also doesnt seem to be nearly as cruel and vicious as most of the followers of Zyphus are. He says this is because they have the god all wrong, but who knows with clerics anyways. They always seem to be arguing over the interpretation of some hugely important piece of religion that no one has even heard of.

Second is Klegzeg. He is exactly what his name suggests, an orc. Or half of one at least. But here is the more interesting part: he is a monk. Who ever heard of an orc monk? He fights well enough and isnt nearly as blood-thirsty as one would expect. I dont know much about him though, as he spends a large part of his time just sitting with his eyes closed. He calls this meditating, but from what I can tell that is just a fancy word to disguise napping. I have repeatedly tried to catch him sleeping, but every time I throw something at him to wake him up, he catches it. But with some investigation, I am hopeful I can uncover this technique.

Third is the tiny Absolene. He is a gnome who rides a frog. Yes, he rides a frog. A strange creature to be sure, but he has proven useful a few times with some magical tricks. He also has a pet panther which fights with us. He calls himself a “druid” and cares immensely for nature and “balance in all things” or some such gibberish. I think he may say these things in an attempt to appear wise. You know how wily those small people can be. Especially the magic ones.

Lastly is Tatianna. She is an elven ranger and so aloofness is to be expected. She gives trees the strangest looks and every time we encounter some monster or another she is always looking for a tree to climb. I half expect to see her hugging trees when she thinks no one is looking. She has proved herself a very helpful companion though. She has slain quite a few enemies with her bow and is very adept at warning us of upcoming traps when she returns from her scouting trips. She has not told us much of her reasons for being here, but I have caught some things said under her breath about her people and some confrontation. Maybe she will reveal more to us in time.

So that’s the group. As you can see this page is almost full, so I will write again soon to catch you up on some of the exciting experiences I’ve had. Hope all is well with the gang.

-The Whelp



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