Stolen Lands

Home Sweet Swamp and Ancient Temples

From the journal of Absolene the Large:
“For the first time in I can’t remember I found myself back in the swamp. The smells, the undergrowth, the bugs, and the creatures it was very refreshing and I was once again able to re-attune myself with Gozreth. It was almost against my nature to befriend that Boggard as they are a hated enemy of mine, but he proved very informative and beneficial for us in the end. Perhaps one day I will return and make the swamp stop swollowing his home. Maybe Glubbert will be able to able to befriend his “pet”. Upon leaving the swamp we headed to a set of ruins. There was a strange rankness to the air and water as well as the forest and swamp around the ruins. However when we saw the cave I immediately recognized it. This was the cave described to me by the cleric at Oleg’s. Tatiana let loose a few arrows into the cave known to me as containing a foul and deadly monster. One shot struck true and the creature inside bellowed in anger. Before anyone else could do much of anything out of the cave came charging a giant grizzly bear. He was easily 4 times my size (which is saying a lot because I am after all large). Aldrick happened to be the object of the bear’s desire and was almost killed before we knew what had happened. I being incredibly stout and not one to be fearful of anything became so startled at the bear that I actually caught myself on fire. But with luck that strange monk (whom I have not yet figured out) stunned the bear allowing me to regain my composure and allowing Logarth to flank and inflict even more damage. With a nicely placed curse from the cleric a nice hack from Aldrick and two well placed arrows in the neck of the bear, the bear died. Much to my shagrin he died before I could redeem myself from the whole fire incident. Then something even more interesting came about and the bear transformed into an old man, then again to a skeleton and finally to dust. I am not sure if Arastil approved of this action, but immediately the sun broke through and the foulness and rankness of the area dissappated. The cleric at Oleg’s would be interested in knowing this and perhaps it will end his nightmares and in the end I can be rewarded."



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