Stolen Lands

Frog Suits and other things

From the journal of Absolene the Large:
“Today while exploring the Skunk River we came upon a wonderful hot spring. Almost with out thinking Glubbert and I jump right into the pool. It was warm and wonderful, but in an instant two sets of eyes popped out of the water. I recognized them as giant frogs much like Glubbert. While talking with these creatures their wrath became subdued towards me, but was quickly turned on my companions. Who two of them were actually pulled inside of the frogs and left in their bellies. Poor Logarth before I could help in directing his attacks accordingly he jumped in the spring and for reasons unknown to me tried to rake them while trying to swim….seems to not be a very intelligent thing to do missed with both claws. The monk defeated his frog from the inside while all of the rest of us (including my massive fire spells) took down the second frog. What can I say I thought fire works well in water right??? Once all the frogs were killed I decided to see how well the monk could see from the inside of the frogs belly. I conjured a magic stone and flung it toward the monk, but he was able to catch the rock and catch it in mid-air. That is too bad I would have blame it on perhaps on the tricky fey, but alas nothing ended up happening. I feel that perhaps we should return to Olge’s and talk with people there and see what that cleric has had to stay about these ruins before we decide what to do with them.



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