Stolen Lands

An Ode to Logarth

From the journal of Absolene the Large:
“This has been an interesting week that has involved teleportation, a talking squirl, and giant draconic worms. It has been an insightful time to spend with my companions. I think I am starting to understand Etter, while still cryptic he is very ambitious and hopes to re-establish the true religion of Zyphus and make that the religion of the state we aim to establish. He also is trying to create an undead army to defend our new nation. This action, while unnatural, is done to an end to benefit us, so I will hold my tongue and sign off on this army. Then Aldrick made it known that he aspires to be the general of our armies. Klegzeg aims to set up a monostary and be in charge of martial law for our kingdom. Tatianna will be our spy master and develop a network to keep us constantly in the know. It was decided that should we be a monarchy that I would be the advisor to the king, but if instead we form an oligarchy I would be the chief representative. That will allow me to help to fortify our location by communing with nature and having nature build us some natural fortifications.
While all this happened to lift our spirits we had a massive battle with two worms that dripped my spirits to rock bottom. It was in the middle of combat that I lost contact with Logarth. While my mind says he is dead, because he did not resurface, something inside of me says that he may yet live. I cling to hope that we should be yet reunited. My companions say that I should go into the forest and bind another to me, but this would release Logarth, should he yet live, and I don’t think that I am quite ready to give up on my friend. We have grown up together as we were bound together when both of us were yet children. We have shared many adventures and have gotten into our fair share of trouble and scrapes. Oh Logarth, where art thou? I only hope that you too are seeking to find me as well. I will set out fresh meat for you each night at camp, but seek to enchant it so that you and only you can smell it and that the smell would travel a great distance. I only hope that I find you before my companions decide to storm this castle we have found.”



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