Stolen Lands

An Odd Sight to See

(15th of Pharast) From the journal of Absolene the Large:
I have finally arrived at this place called Oleg’s Gultereg my poor mount is weary as am I. It is nice to be closer to what I would call home. The weeks I spent in Brevoy were draining not only to me, but also to Logarth as he is much calmer now that we are out of that cespool they call a city. When I arrived at this Oleg’s I was taken back by the oddity of Oleg compared to his wife. One being very gruff and a little grumpy while the other is very how shall I put this….noisy. The elf seems distracted and maybe conflicted over something. The half-orc monk is stand offish and seems a little self absorbed. The human fighter is well a human fighter who has all of the ‘city charms’ that I love so much…Now the oddest of the group seemed to me to be this cleric of whom I had heard of before arriving here. He worships an odd God and acts even odder. I think I shall observe them for a day or two before making my own introductions to them…"
Two days later:
I have observed their interactions with each other for close to three days now and I am still confused over the cleric, but I cannot wait any longer to figure him out. I need to start adventuring (as a side note Logarth is much happier now that he can go out and hunt for himself at night.) I have just gone and made my introductions to this group of adventurers and got a snicker out of the half-orc and the cleric upon my introduction as “Absolene the Large”. I quickly shot them a look that should have told them to not start, but I am not sure the message was received as it was intended. If they don’t shape up perhaps I shall play a few pranks on them until they learn to look at me as an equal, but I digress. Upon introductions over a pint of ale I bought them another round and asked that they inform me of their adventures to this point and perhaps what they intend to do. One day I will find out what drives them all, but for now I have to be content with the goal of the whole rather than the goals of the parts. Tonight I hid the equipment of the cleric outside and had the grass grow to cover it…I wonder when he will figure it out. Now that my fun is done for the day I will retire to my bed and let Gultereg and Logarth out to hunt."



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